Does Social Media Work for Network Marketing?

Using social media to promote your network marketing business is an art form that so many fail to master.

It’s sad to see the tens of thousands of uninformed or poorly informed marketers spamming their links everywhere and then bitching about how they are getting no results or poor results. Fact is 9 in 10 of these people will blame their company when they fail. Then 100% of them will fail to live up to their potential. Social media sites offer advertising displayed around great content. But these unprofessional little spammers skip the vital content and just throw ads at you all day long.

For some reason bulk has replaced quality as a focus in our industry.

Network Marketers are looking to sign up hundreds and even thousands of referrals into a program. Accepting that 1-2% of these people will actually work the system and have any kind of success. I know marketers who have 1,000 + members in their front line and are seeing under 1% conversions. because they promote and recruit with an assembly line mentality. This one’s This is defective next please works with inanimate object but not so much with people.

Support and team building are taking a back seat to a larger numbers game that says if I have more ads in more places eventually I can’t fail. Guess what? You can fail and will fail with that mindset. Nobody likes to be ushered into a program with a ton of hype and broken promise to be left to sink or swim and eventually you can catch all the fish in any ocean and still starve to death.

You need to be looking at building relationships and teams in Network Marketing.

I don’t need 1,000 active first tier members I need 5 who can get and train 5 who can get and train 5 on down the line. I profit on up to 12 tiers of active referrals in my team so why focus on putting everyone in level 1 and hope they can do something on their own.

I have heard the excuses. I have too little time to help every affiliate who has a question for me. I have no time or not enough money to help each person in my team be a success. I’m not a good sponsor. I can’t be responsible for their success or failure. The list goes on but the fact is if you want success yourself you have got to become a good sponsor.

You need to:

1. Create a Team Chat or Join Your Sponsors Chat Groups

2. Be online at least 5 days a week for at least 1 hour a day.

3. Learn something new every day.

4. Teach something new every day.

5. Network with your contacts.

6. Network with your team.

7. Blog and respond to comments and questions. Don’t let lifeless pages become the norm.

8. Treat everyone with respect and dignity.

9. Treat every question as urgent and the answer as vital to success. Be the one who does the digging.

10. Remember that network marketing is about the network in your marketing that will make you rich.

Success no matter what anyone says is not overnight, and it always takes teamwork and knowledge. You can never know too much, help too often, or over support a growing team.

You have to be dedicated to your business and your people and make sacrifices needed to achieve common goals. Be social and network your way to the top. Build friendships and strengthen your connections. Work in small social media groups and social networks and excel at being a true network marketing professional and not a run of the mill SPAMMER.

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